Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Ducky

Sorry for the long delay between posts, life has been getting in the way of regular updates (but not baking!).
So, a couple of weeks ago we had a baby shower in my office and the gender of the baby was unknown.  I came across these ducky cupcake wrappers and decided to make some ducky cupcakes for the shower since they were somewhat gender neutral:
My thinking was that I could bake the cupcakes, spray the tops of them blue to simulate water and match the wrapper, and then make some little ducky toppers out of sugar cookies.  So, first, I made the toppers.  Found an adorable ducky cookie cutter at Hobby Lobby for .35 and had my way with it.  I used my favorite sugar cookie dough recipe (see link here: and added a tiny bit more flour and rolled with a lot more flour, just to keep the cookies from spreading in the oven.

First, I used my trusty Josef Josef roller (see previous cookie post for's the best thing in the world for getting uniform dough).  And cut out a ton of duckies:

And decided to bake in toothpicks in order to keep the little guys afloat on top of my cupcakes.  It's likely that I could have just wedged them into the pile of frosting and they'd have been fine, but since they're so little I decided not to chance it.  And look how nice and even they are!

Since they were itty bitty, they only needed to bake for about 6 minutes at 350.  You can see below, they poofed up a little, but they didn't lose their shape.  I let them sit for about 2 hours to firm up.

In the meantime, I mixed up 2 colors of royal icing.  The recipe on the Wilton website works just fine, but this time I actually bought a mix out of curiosity, and I have to admit that I thought the flavor was actually much better.  I got this one:
and used the Americolor gel food colorings to get the yellow and orange needed. I added a #2 tip to my favorite decorating bottles and outlined the cookies first.
And let the outlines dry about 30 minutes, and then proceeded with the same bottle to floor the space in between.  While that flooding dried, I piped on some little orange beaks and let the whole cookie dry for another hour or so.  Finally, I went back with the same bottle of yellow and added a wing.  Since the previous layer of royal is dry, it sits on top and gives the wing some dimension.  The eyes get added last, just a dot of the food coloring marker.
A virtual flotilla of duckies!

The cupcakes got baked and sprayed with my handy dandy KopyKake sprayer and topped with a ducky.

Quacktastic. :)

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