Friday, May 27, 2011

What the heck is a Beyblade?

I didn't know either, but I was asked by a friend at work to make a Beyblade cake for her son Jay's birthday.  "ok...sure...I enjoy a challenge!" :)  Luckily, she brought in a couple of samples for me so I could see what these things look like in person.

Apparently there's an arena for them and all sorts of battling that can be done.  Who knew?
Anyway, the basic design seemed easy enough...obviously I'll start with a round cake.
Every now and then the patterning above happens, especially with deeper cakes.  I baked this cake as one round and then cut it in half to create 2 layers.  It's a 14 inch round cake pan, 3 inches deep, so it can accommodate the rising of the batter.  But since the pan was so deep, it took this cake almost an hour and a half to bake through!  When the cakes are in the oven for that long, that's when I tend to get an impression pattern from the parchment paper that I used to line the pan.  Obviously nobody ever sees it because it's covered in frosting.  I'm just including the visual in case it ever happens to you and you think there's something wrong with your cake.  No worries.

Next, a layer of frosting...rough is fine.  You regular readers know what I'm going to do to it next!

My trusty Viva paper towel technique...gets the cake nice and smooth.  Sorry about the shadow of my head...I'm right handed and I was taking my own photo and couldn't get out of my own way!

Next I grabbed a new impression mat, I thought it kind of looked like chainmail a little and thought it might help add a rugged look to the side of my cake.  My plan is to spray the cake with my Kopycake food coloring sprayer and give it a metallic sheen. So I thought some texture might be nice.  *Don't forget to hit it with a little Pam first so it doesn't stick to your frosting!*

This isn't the greatest photo, but you can lightly see the impression from the mat.  At least it won't be boring. :)

And now for some color.  Based on the Beyblades I had sitting on the table next to my cake, I decided to go with a dark metal color, for a little more drama. 

I started with a spray of black.  Let that dry for about a half an hour...
And then start working on the top design.  I was attempting to mimic some of the scrolling pattern at the top of the Beyblade.  Did I get close??
Looking closely at the scroll pattern, I wanted to attempt to make it a little more dimensional, so I decided I would create a sloped edge on the cake design.  I used a small brush and lightly feathered the edges...
Then I gave it a little more black color so it blended with the top of the cake, and then a touch of metallic blue.  I know, the blade isn't blue, but I was worried about layering on too much black and dark silver, and thought the blue might be nice and metallic looking in combination with the black.  Here's a close up:
Next I want to start on the center design and decide I'm going to go with red.  The Beyblade I was looking at had a red center with some paisley-esque shapes inside of it.  So I took that direction.
There's something to know about coloring frosting red.  If you use the food coloring from the grocery store, it will require A LOT of coloring to get a rich red color AND it's going to taste really bitter.  One of the things I love about the Americolor gel paste colors is their ability to not flavor your frosting.  They make a super black and super red to help avoid the problem of getting grey and pink frosting when you start mixing.  Here's what you're looking for:

This color is actually fairly accurate.  You mix it to about this shade and when it dries it'll be nice and dark.  You just have to trust me...
I went with the same paisley pattern.  The birthday boy had requested a fireball of some sort if I could make that work, so first I used a toothpick to trace the design, then I used a food color marker to draw it on. 
I added some more of the design around the outside, and some edible gold glitter to the "fireballs" and decided that was good.  (This picture is out of order, sorry...I just thought I'd throw it in here since I was discussing the addition of the fireballs)

So, looking again at the Beyblade, I am trying to determine what to do to mimic the gold plastic piece on top.  I decided that another texture might be helpful (vs. putting another layer of frosting on it), so I hit the cake with some gold sprinkles.
Not perfect, but a close enough approximation. 
I fanned out the area of sprinkles significantly to make the area larger...

Add some birthday wishes, and a box...and we're ready for delivery.  Hopefully the birthday boy enjoyed it. Thanks for the challenging cake project! :)

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