Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Someone needs to light a fire under me!

I can't believe how far behind I am in my posts.  Sigh.  In my defense, I am now 9 months pregnant and doing my darnedest to actually continue to bake (if not blog).  But I'm going to make a sincere effort to catch up...before I lose my desire to bake for a little while! 

This next item is a cake I made back in August and have yet to post...a fire engine cake for a  little girls' 4th birthday.  Originally, when I was asked to make a fire engine cake, I was envisioning the standard red truck with the ladder, etc.  What I learned is that a fire engine doesn't have the ladder the way a fire truck does and isn't even always red, which is the case with the cake they wanted.  The birthday party was being held at the local fire station and the kids were all going to get to ride on the fire engine...this one: 
So, that was my challenge.  Re-create this engine in cake.  Here's how it turned out: 
The cake structure was fairly simple, actually.  A couple of sheet cakes, sliced for stacking. So, SOMEHOW in the time that passed between baking and blogging I seem to have managed to lose the construction photos, but you can look back at the post of the train cake for a good demo of stacking.
My Kopycake sprayer made quick work of the yellow and gray/silver spray, and then I set myself to making some royal icing decorations:

All the little grey pieces are royal icing.  I essentially just made my own candy buttons to simulate all of the controls on the side of the truck.  The colorful ones are Ju Ju Bees. 
Not all the decorations were as successful.  These were supposed to be the windows for the front of the engine, but they didn't set in time (you can see the smear of wet icing on the wax paper below the broken piece).  This is when I decided to just spray color in the windows.
The top bar of  lights?  Jolly Ranchers.  More Ju Ju Bees in front for the various headlights.  At this point, however, I thought the windows looked a little one dimensional, so I made some wiper blades with royal icing.  They set up perfectly and peeled right off the wax paper:

A little squirt of icing "glue", and then attach! 

The last item to address are the wheels. They are mini chocolate donuts, cut in half and glued in place with frosting.   Fairly tire-like, and not bad scale.  All in all, a successful party!

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