Monday, July 16, 2012

I am BAD BAD blogger!

What have I been up to, you ask?  Well, I was busy baking something VERY important for awhile...
Yes, that's really my thumb.  Teeny, tiny baby boy.

Exactly how much time has passed since my last post??


I had really good intentions of keeping up with my posts even after the baby.  After all, how much can one tiny human possibly interfere with my extracurricular activities?  He has to sleep, right?
Well, yes, in fact, he did sleep.  I got lots of projects done (people probably thought I was neglecting him) but never got around to actually posting them on the blog.  And I kept thinking that I couldn't just pick up at some random spot and start from there, I had to post all of the stuff I didn't have time to post.
Dear readers (if you're still out there), that's NOT going to happen.  So, here's a little visual run-down (in approximate choronological order) of what I've been doing

Beehive cupcakes (idea stolen from various other blogs and recipe sites)
Sock monkey cookies (my best effort at recreating these:
Another effort stolen from Martha (ahh, Martha, I've missed you so....)
Chocolate dipped Oreo cookies as cupcake toppers
Train cake.  There's a Twinkie hiding in there...
Italian meringue, with fresh berries (inside and out)
Strawberry cake for my Dear Sister-In-Law
Rice Krispy pop for teacher appreciation day (they did double duty for Mother's Day too, with a different tag)
Stuart turned 52...only one chance to make the Ray Lewis jersey cake!
Lego Ninjago birthday cake!  Thought I'd at least try...
Chocolate covered Oreo cookie Ninjago pops (that seems like too many adjectives, no?)
Camden Yards cake for Jake's 1st birthday!
And for the birthday boy to demolish for the photo ops...

I've learned that one Lego cake begets another.  Hint: do NOT transport said Lego cakes when it's over 90 degrees and you have an hour drive.  That's one droopy lego on top!

And THAT just about gets us caught up to this past weekend.  I'm going to carry on like none of this bad blogging behavior ever happened, and just ask for your forgiveness (should I put in another picture of my son to soften you up? You can't be mad at his Mommy, can you? ;) )

So, pretend with me, please???

Aye Aye Cap'n

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend. We had the pleasure of joining some friends to celebrate.  What were we celebrating, you ask?  Our dear friend was just promoted to Captain in the US Marines!  So, I needed to come up with some Captain-y cupcakes for the occasion. I hemmed and hawwed a little but ended up with these:

The tiny little cupcake toppers are various noteable Captains:

 Sorry so many are out of focus...they were fairly small and I was using my phone camera
Congratulations Scott.  We're all happy to be your Mateys!